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This site is devoted to supplying the interested mathematics student or instructor with materials for the study of real analysis. Our own textbooks are available here as FREE PDF files and for purchase as inexpensive trade paperbacks.
Additionally we intend to supply extensive information on other resources, both free and not so free, for the study of this subject.
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Andrew M. Bruckner
Judith B. Bruckner
Brian S. Thomson

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Please browse through the web site for information that may be of interest to you.   Our own textbooks are here both as FREE PDF files for download and as paperbacks for purchase.  It is straightforward to navigate your way to find information about the texts and to download the PDF files.
Text book prices have soared exponentially in recent years, and are now prohibitively expensive for many students. For this reason, we decided in 2007 to revise two of our texts and make them available  as PDF files that can be downloaded at no cost.

Instructors of courses that used those downloads at the time informed us that some of the students using those files found it more convenient to have paper copies. Accordingly, we found a method of providing paperback copies printed on demand at a fraction of the cost of the books published originally by a commercial publisher.
The two books were Elementary Real Analysis, suitable for advanced undergraduates, and Real Analysis, written at  a level for graduate students.

do boots sell viagra over the counterSince that time, we have added several other titles, all of which can be downloaded (without cost) as PDF files and are available as inexpensive but high quality paperbacks.
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Please visit also our commercial site
for purchase of our textbooks
through Amazon or CreateSpace.