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Chinese translation
Nov 13, 2013
Chinese Language Version
Authored by Brian S Thomson, Judith B Bruckner, Andrew M Bruckner

This is a Chinese language translation of the first eight chapters of a successful real analysis textbook by Thomson, Bruckner and Bruckner. In North America and the UK this text has been used for first courses in elementary real analysis following a usual calculus curriculum. The translation is by Hongjian Shi and Lei Zhang, both of whom are professional mathematicians themselves.

  • Publication Date: Nov 13 2013
  • ISBN/EAN13: 1492864188 / 9781492864189
  • Page Count: 332
  • Binding Type: US Trade Paper
  • Trim Size: 8" x 10"
  • Language: Chinese
  • Color: Black and White
  • Related Categories: Mathematics / Mathematical Analysis
Chinese translation by Hongjian Shi and Lei Zhang. Dr. Shi and Ms. Zhang are professional mathematicians who have prepared a careful and accurate translation of this textbook, suitable for instruction or self-study by readers fluent in Chinese.
This translation uses simplified Chinese  汉语拼音 characters.  At a later date in early 2014 we plan to offer a translation using  traditional Chinese 字 
 characters that may more appeal to students and teachers in Taiwan and Hong Kong. 


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